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Relax on the beach with clear, healthy-looking nails and use NONYX Fungal Nail Clarifying Gel


I am so grateful for your product!

"I just wanted to report that this product is fantastic…. Thirteen months ago I started using the product after realizing that my toenail issue was due to fungus. I used it faithfully twice a day per instructions. After a short time I could see improvement. It took time and patience, and now I have beautiful toes! This was an easy and safe way to treat my problem.  I am a nurse and for the longest time I thought that my toenail issue was due to toenail trauma in nurse shoes. It finally occurred to me that it was fungus. I went to my local drugstore and found your product. Thank you so much! I will continue to use once a day as suggested."

S.S., RN 07/07/2022

I am so happy with my results!!

"This product does EXACTLY what it claims. I am so happy with my results!! I wish I took BEFORE pictures because my AFTER might even surprise YOU!! I followed directions and applied religiously morning and night. It’s taken about a year and a half, but my nails are virtually free of fungus. Thank you for cracking the code on this awful condition. I’ll use it forever to maintain my beautiful nails. I’ll be going for a mani/pedi ASAP!! Thank you!"

D.C 09/12/2022

Nonyx worked for me

"Hi, I want to thank you for your product, because, literally,… I have been trying to clear it up ... for years. I have used Nonyx for 1 year and my nail is now clear…. I have been spreading the word and told two of my doctors. So thanks again"

C.D 01/26/2022

Clear Nails after 46 years

"After 46 years of trying to treat a toenail…I became more and more frustrated and desperate. About 18 months ago, while I was perusing the Internet…, I came across your product, NONYX…. [It] has been successful and effective for me…. I have shared my treatment experience with my physician at a recent consultation and showed him the fantastic progress that I had made…. He was amazed and could hardly believe his eyes. My heartfelt thanks to you for your fabulous product that saved my sanity!"

H.G 09/30/2020


"I don't write reviews. I rarely read them. I firmly believe reviews are nothing more than someone's opinion. But I have to admit, this factually works. It's not overnight and you have to be very very patient, but it really works. It's worth the wait. I didn't follow the directions and I used it - usually - once daily. I think the directions say twice, along with some other things which I didn't do so I'm sure that's why mine took longer. So considering I didn't follow the directions AND IT STILL WORKED, I'm sold. I'm getting my second bottle."

G.H 12/22/2021

It works!

"This thing works. my big toe nails keep slowly separating from the nail bed as in the picture on the box. I use this for a few months and before you know it, nail is back healthy and attached. I've turned to this item more than once and worked each time when used as directed."

Posted on 12/31/2022

67 years old, NOw proud to wear sandals to show my pretty feet

"For years I have tried anything commercial or home made that would even possibly make my ugly toenails look better. When I saw Nonyx nail gel on the shelf, I was willing to try it. Lo and behold, after following the instructions, I entered into Spring with "normal" nails. I am 67 years old and am now proud to wear sandals to show my pretty feet. Thank you."

Lynn 04/18/2014

Comfortable with my nails

C. D. 08/11/2020

"My nail that has been damaged for years is almost cleared. I am so happy with Nonyx. Thanks so much for making me feel comfortable with my nails."

"This is the most effective product I have ever used. I call it My Nail food! You just need to be patient but the results show…."

A.N 11/16/2020

My Nail Food!

"I am very pleased to see the results of my toenails. They look so incredible and healthy! Nonyx Nail Gel works well! Thank you!"

Incredible results!

M.C. 08/05/2020

Happy Toes!!!

"I am so happy that I stumbled across Nonyx Nail Gel. My nails were in shambles, looking really rough. Before I purchased Nonyx, I really didn’t want to pay that much for something that I didn’t know much about. When I read the money-back guarantee, I took pictures of my toes because I was fully prepared to send it back, ... Long story short, I haven’t used half the bottle yet and my toes look better and healthier now than they did before. I feel like I owe them more money for the gel 😂. Trust me, buy the gel and use it twice a day and especially after bathing, IT REALLY WORKS!!!!!!!"


I can wear Sandals

"I am totally impressed/happy/pleased with your product.

 It works! …I already can see a difference.  A huge difference.

 I can wear sandals again!"

D. G. by email 07/06/21

It works!

Published on on 02/10/2017

"I live in sandals on my island. My toes get tough at tips. This keeps nails from getting too thick to cut when you are old.

My toenails' results

"I am very pleased to see the results on my toenails. They look so incredible and healthy! Nonyx Nail gel works well! Thank you!" 

P.S. 08/05/2020

GREAT product; FINALLY!!!

"I have had a…nail [problem] for 35 years….  Finally, I saw NONYX on the shelf at CVS. Worth a try I figured. Well before the 1st bottle was empty, I noticed that my one nail was getting much better and before that bottle was empty, my one nail was completely [clear]. I use it every day now on all my nails. GREAT product; FINALLY!!!"

RB, by email, 07/01/21


Well worth the money

"I must say I was not about to pay $25 dollars for this product but since you would give me my money back if I didn't like it I thought I would give it a try. It is amazing! Well worth the money to be able to wear open toed shoes again with no shame! Thank you so much!"

"I just wanted to thank you for helping me. I had a huge problem with all of my toes on both feet. Now my toes look better than my wife's toes. Well almost. My toes look great and I just wanted to thank you."

W. F. 04/25/2014

My toes look better than my wife's toes

A safe product that works

"I am sending you a note to let you know how much I like this product. Thank you for making safe product that works. My sister has tried it and it is working for her also. Thanks again."

Marie 04/28/2014

Finally in flip flops after 20 years

"...I am an extremely happy satisfied customer of Nonyx. Before Nonyx, I was very embarrassed of showing my barefoot. My nails were very bad. I had lost all hope. After reading reviews on Nonyx and other products, I decided to go with Nonyx. I knew in order to be successful I would have to commit. So in June of 2013 I purchased a bottle from amazon. The best purchase I have ever made from Amazon. Within a month I started noticing a change. After two months the changes were ever more noticeable. By the 7 month, my right big toe nail was not the same nail as it was 7 months earlier. It has been a year now and I am amazed how my nails look. Now I am in flip flops or walk barefoot all the time….Thank You for bring my self-esteem back and giving me a barefoot life back."

A. G. 07/14/2014

I was getting desperate

"I was skeptical at first when I saw this product, especially with the $25 price tag. However, with three toes on my right foot that have been yucky for years (the third toe for over 15 years), I was getting desperate. I was tired of the comments by pedicurists, and always having to have my toenails painted. Now, nine months later, I am thrilled. Best $25 I have spent in a long time. I recommend putting a band-aid over the area you are treating -- helps the gel stay on better!"

A. C., South Carolina 04/28/2014

Total Happiness in a Bottle

"This is the most wonderful stuff I've ever used. To me it's just total Happiness in a bottle. I used NONYX and its such a big difference, you wouldn't believe it. I only wish I would have taken a picture before and after. I will tell everyone about this and you really do need to Advertise this. I had never even heard of it. Anyone and everyone that has problems like I did really needs to know more about this stuff. I really can't tell you enough just how great NONYX really is. Now I'm not ashamed to wear toe-less shoes. Thanks A Million."

K. S., Dry Fork, VA 04/22/2014


"I haven't used a whole bottle of Nonyx and I am so happy and pleased with the progress so far. It's been about two weeks going on three now and my toenail on my big toe is mostly clear. It has been discolored since I was young and every since then I have been hiding that one toe because I was too embarrassed to let anyone see. After my toenail is completely clear I can be completely confident with myself again. I owe it all to Nonyx. If someone is ever in need I will point them to Nonyx!"

E. J. 08/22/2014

Thank you

Just to say thank you from this 97 year old lady ! I have lovely nails again gone re those old split and broken( bitten) ones appreciate your product now toenails you are next ( — tbc

B. C. 12/31/2023 via email

NONYX User Margaret Shares her Struggle with Keratin Debris
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Margaret's Story

"I struggled with Keratin Debris for over 10 years.  I suffered a lot of anguish with the appearance of my toenails. I was very very uncomfortable to say the least and very very depressed to say the most about my toenails …. Every time I looked at my toes I practically cried.  I'd never seen such ugly toes in my life. And I really couldn't discuss it with a lot of people. Because if you have an issue you don’t want to talk about it sometimes. 


Finally, with NONYX I saw improvement.  Now, my nails are gorgeous. I can wear sandals and I’ve not been able to wear sandals since 2011. Im just so grateful for this product. NONYX works for me!"

Margaret's Story

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