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$5.00 REBATE Form

Feel confident at the pool with clear, healthy-looking nails with NONYX Nail Gel

You can receive a $5.00 rebate for each NONYX Nail Gel you purchase.  For example, if you buy two NONYX, simply submit the two original bar codes and one or more receipts showing your purchases. You will receive a rebate check for $10.00, $5 for each purchase.  Be sure to clearly write your name and address on all rebate forms.

Don’t have a printer?  You can also receive your $5 Rebate without printing this form.  Simply write your name and address on a piece of paper, add the original bar code from the NONYX carton and a copy or the original of your receipt and mail to:  Rebate Offer, Xenna Corporation, 33 Witherspoon St., Suite 200, Princeton, NJ 08542.

Amazing Product That Works

I purchased this product back in February and wanted to try it before writing this review. The Nonyx Gel has nearly cleared the problem and the nail is returning to its original pink color. The results are amazing. I recommend this product 100 percent. Just keep using it daily and give it time to work.

-Gary 5/22/2022

Verified Walmart Purchaser Reviewed on

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