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NONYX Fungal Nail Clarifying Gel
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NONYX® Fungal Nail Clarifying Gel clears out keratin debris where nail fungus thrives.

Effective topical nail solution for Fungus Damaged, Discolored, Thick, Brittle, Yellow Toenails & Fingernails. Results in Healthy-Looking Nails


NONYX IS CLINICALLY PROVEN EFFECTIVE - 90% of nails significantly improve based on a 9-month clinical study. In fact, embarrassing discolored nails were reduced by 80%, on average. Because NONYX Fungal Nail Clarifying Gel removes unsightly, yellow keratin debris it also improves brittle, lifted and thick nail appearance, leaving nails clear and healthy with regular use.

Where most nail treatments only address fungus, many unsightly nails do not even have fungus – they are simply burdened with keratin debris buildup. NONYX removes keratin debris & improves the appearance of discolored, brittle, lifted nails, leaving nails looking clear & healthy again.


NONYX IS A TRUSTED SOLUTION FOR OVER 20 YEARS: Dermatologist tested and approved and safe for diabetics with healthy feet. 

NONYX IS ECONOMICAL & CONVENIENT: The large, 4 oz. bottle is a 6 month supply and effective even under nail polish. It comes with an easy-to-use applicator tip and should be applied twice daily. Wet or dry non-staining formula, that washes off with water, making application easy & convenient.

NONYX IS MONEY-BACK GUARANTEED: Money-back guaranteed by the manufacturer XENNA Corporation – there is NO TIME LIMIT to this guarantee. FSA and HSA eligible. Made in the USA. The formulation is vegan, not tested on animals, is free of animal byproducts, parabens & preservatives.

FREE USA SHIPPING:  Xenna ships only to addresses in the USA, USA Territories and US government APOs. 

UPC 8-1263400101-4

"This is the most effective product I have ever used. I call it My Nail food! You just need to be patient but the results show..."

A.N 11/16/2020

NONYX Nail Gel shows nails discolored before and after nails look clear and healthy-looking
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