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My toenails' results
P.S. 08/05/2020

I am very pleased to see the results on my toenails. They look so incredible and healthy! Nonyx Nail gel works well! Thank you! from a male customer.

Happy Toes!!!

I am so happy that I stumbled across Nonyx Nail Gel. My nails were in shambles, looking really rough. Before I purchased Nonyx, I really didn’t want to pay that much for something that I didn’t know much about. When I read the money-back guarantee, I took pictures of my toes because I was fully prepared to send it back, ... Long story short, I haven’t used half the bottle yet and my toes look better and healthier now than they did before. I feel like I owe them more money for the gel 😂. Trust me, buy the gel and use it twice a day and especially after bathing, IT REALLY WORKS!!!!!!!

A Product That Actually Works!
K.G 09/03/2019

I wanted to contact you and thank your company for making a product that actually works. I have been battling my toenail issue for over 3 years…. Within weeks of treatment, I could see the color of my skin around my toenail and the base of my toenail turn from gross yellow, to a healthy pink. OMGoodness; I have no words to express my gratitude. It has been 8 months now; my toenails are 75% clear. The new healthy toenail is almost to the end of my nail bed! I can finally see the light at the end the toenail tunnel; THANK YOU, THANK YOU, I can not THANK YOU ENOUGH!! Oh not to forget, I am highly sensitive and highly allergic to, too many things to list. Not being allergic to your product, was a double THANK YOU!!!!

My self-confidence is starting to shine
Tiffany 05/29/2019

Hello! I am writing today because I want you to know how life changing your product has been to me…. I am forever thankful for your company and my self-confidence is starting to shine again.… this summer i will probably wear sandals! THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. You don't know how much this means to me!!! Thank you thank you thank you. i will forever recommend your company to everybody i know.

Nail back to normal and clear
John E. A. 03/06/2017

I have used you products for over five years. When I started using nonyx the buildup under my toe was lifting the nail up and separating it from the base. Following the directions I was able to get nail back [to] normal and clear. Thank you for producing a great product. … I plan to order more soon.

★★★★★ It works!

Published on Walmart * NonyX Nail Gel Exfoliant of Keratin Debris for Clear Healthy-Looking Nails, 4.0 OZ I live in sandals on my island. My toes get tough at tips. This keeps nails from getting too thick to cut when you are old.

E. J. 08/22/2014

I haven't used a whole bottle of Nonyx and I am so happy and pleased with the progress so far. It's been about two weeks going on three now and my toenail on my big toe is mostly clear. It has been discolored since I was young and every since then I have been hiding that one toe because I was too embarrassed to let anyone see. After my toenail is completely clear I can be completely confident with myself again. I owe it all to Nonyx. If someone is ever in need I will point them to Nonyx!

Finally in flip flops after 20 years
A. G. 07/14/2014

...I am an extremely happy satisfied customer of Nonyx. Before Nonyx, I was very embarrassed of showing my barefoot. My nails were very bad. I had lost all hope. After reading reviews on Nonyx and other products, I decided to go with Nonyx. I knew in order to be successful I would have to commit. So in June of 2013 I purchased a bottle from amazon. The best purchase I have ever made from Amazon. Within a month I started noticing a change. After two months the changes were ever more noticeable. By the 7 month, my right big toe nail was not the same nail as it was 7 months earlier. It has been a year now and I am amazed how my nails look. Now I am in flip flops or walk barefoot all the time. I am never in shoes in sox anymore…. Thank You for bring my self-esteem back and giving me a barefoot life back.

I was getting desperate
A. C., South Carolina 04/28/2014

I was skeptical at first when I saw this product, especially with the $25 price tag. However, with three toes on my right foot that have been yucky for years (the third toe for over 15 years), I was getting desperate. I was tired of the comments by pedicurists, and always having to have my toenails painted. Now, nine months later, I am thrilled. Best $25 I have spent in a long time. I recommend putting a band-aid over the area you are treating -- helps the gel stay on better!

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