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My Nail Food!
A.N 11/16/2020

This is the most effective product I have ever used. I call it My Nail food! You just need to be patient but the results show….

Clear Nails after 46 years
H.G 09/30/2020

After 46 years of trying to treat a toenail…I became more and more frustrated and desperate. About 18 months ago, while I was perusing the Internet…, I came across your product, NONYX…. [It] has been successful and effective for me…. I have shared my treatment experience with my physician at a recent consultation and showed him the fantastic progress that I had made…. He was amazed and could hardly believe his eyes. My heartfelt thanks to you for your fabulous product that saved my sanity!

Results are absolutely spectacular!
R.S 08/29/2020

I just had to write to tell you how… this product worked! I have tried so many things to help the terrible condition my toenails have been in for decades. They were thick and yellow and had a crust underneath them that kept coming back. I finally tried Nonyx, which I avoided because of the cost, about $28/bottle. I am so sorry I waited so long because the results are absolutely spectacular. Because of the results I would pay $50/bottle, or any amount of money. This product actually works and …my toenails are almost normal for the first time in memory. Thank you for this product!

Comfortable with my nails
C. D. 08/11/2020

My nail that has been damaged for years is almost cleared. I am so happy with Nonyx. Thanks so much for making me feel comfortable with my nails.

Toenail Results
B. F. 08/11/2020

I don’t usually buy into too much of what I read about on the internet. I had a toenail ... problem, read about Nonyx, waited, (like most males do) till the problem was really bad then went to Walmart & bought it with minimal expectations. ... it blew my mind the visual and tangible results. I believe in your products bc It demonstrated to me way way above my expectations that it works. Thank you for making & promoting such an excellent product at a reasonable price.

Incredible results!
A male customer 08/05/2020

I am very pleased to see the results of my toenails. They look so incredible and healthy! Nonyx Nail Gel works well! Thank you!

My toenails' results
P.S. 08/05/2020

I am very pleased to see the results on my toenails. They look so incredible and healthy! Nonyx Nail gel works well! Thank you! from a male customer.

Happy Toes!!!

I am so happy that I stumbled across Nonyx Nail Gel. My nails were in shambles, looking really rough. Before I purchased Nonyx, I really didn’t want to pay that much for something that I didn’t know much about. When I read the money-back guarantee, I took pictures of my toes because I was fully prepared to send it back, ... Long story short, I haven’t used half the bottle yet and my toes look better and healthier now than they did before. I feel like I owe them more money for the gel 😂. Trust me, buy the gel and use it twice a day and especially after bathing, IT REALLY WORKS!!!!!!!

A Product That Actually Works!
K.G 09/03/2019

I wanted to contact you and thank your company for making a product that actually works. I have been battling my toenail issue for over 3 years…. Within weeks of treatment, I could see the color of my skin around my toenail and the base of my toenail turn from gross yellow, to a healthy pink. OMGoodness; I have no words to express my gratitude. It has been 8 months now; my toenails are 75% clear. The new healthy toenail is almost to the end of my nail bed! I can finally see the light at the end the toenail tunnel; THANK YOU, THANK YOU, I can not THANK YOU ENOUGH!! Oh not to forget, I am highly sensitive and highly allergic to, too many things to list. Not being allergic to your product, was a double THANK YOU!!!!

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